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I wrote my band’s bio…and some of it is true…

Friday, January 29th, 2010

The Story of the Outta State Plates It was at a church picnic in the summer of 1965, on a foggy Sunday afternoon in the Haight district of San Francisco (Our Lady of the Perpetual Groove) that young guitarist, French horn player and theatre professional Giles Colahan and his friend from art school, trombonist, guitarist, […]

The novel “Pepperland” considered

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

(Since this post, which was written in January 2010,  Pepperland, you’ll be happy to know, is now finished.  It rocks. Release date: May 21, 2013.) So the review copy of Barry Wightman’s still unfinished novel of the intersection of rock ‘n roll, technology and love, Pepperland, showed up on my groaningly chaotic desk, tossed there […]