How high the Moon…

imagesThe Fun Stuff
by James Wood,
340 pages

James Wood is one of my favorite critics, The New Yorker, et al. My copy of How Fiction Works from a few years back is beat up and dog-eared. Wonderful.  The opening essay in his fine new collection of pieces about grand writers from Thomas Hardy, Tolstoy, Cormac McCarthy to the King James Bible, is about, of all people, Keith Moon, the Who’s maniacal drummer. It’s crazy, chaotic, sensitive, unexpected.

Best line: “…for me, this playing (Moon’s) is like an ideal sentence of prose, a sentence I have always wanted to write and never quite had the confidence to: a long passionate onrush, formally controlled and joyously messy, propulsive but digressively self-interrupted, attired but disheveled, careful and lawless, right and wrong.”

Exactly. Rock ‘n’ roll on the page. I too am trying to do just that.

Good book.


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