Random Notes

Why Kingsley Amis?

July 19, 2008

I came to Kingsley Amis by way of his son, Martin.  (That fact would have greatly irritated Kingsley.)  Hipster postmodern Martin, essentially my age, whose novels I have tried to like, er, finish…Jesus, I oughta be able to do that, right?  Being a long time Anglophile, I was just drawn to Martin, his stuff like […]


July 17, 2008

So I drove home from Vermont, a great American road trip.  Hard to beat a long haul like that–Montpelier to Killington, Rutland to Saratoga, Herkimer to Buffalo to Cleveland, Toledo, Chicago and then Milwaukee.  Eleven hundred miles all the way. And I tell ya, that state of Vermont is hellaciously beautiful.  Green mountains indeed.  Last […]


Here’s a poem I wrote for Robin Behn’s workshop this month.  That “Fish Out of Water” workshop was the highlight of the residency.  Great stuff.   Exiles   Cymbal sheen and cymbal swirl, Sheets of sound unfurl with a jukebox dimed In the back, Coltrane. Giant steps in seven league boots with Miles to go […]