The click of a well-made box…

Out here in the flatlands, sometimes, you can see for miles and miles.  Approaching weather can be seen far in the distance.  There is time to prepare.  And landscapes are logical.  The vectors line up—lines over straight lines, right angles.  Roads cross in an orderly fashion.  But in Mark Stevens’ wonderful Buried by the Roan, none of this flatland order applies—nothing makes sense and a clear alpine lake is more than just a pretty scene.  It’s a dark mirror with secrets that mean life and death for mountain guide and outfitter Allison Coil and billions of dollars for the gas industry.

From the first atmospheric high-country page, Stevens’ world of peaks, forests, mesas, heroes, villains and creeps, comes at you like a winter storm at ten thousand feet—it’s dangerous and exhilarating.  The reader is plunged into a cold rocky mountain torrent of beautifully written prose and intricately crafted mystery.  Like the click of a well-made box—or the sudden snap of a twig in the dark, somewhere beyond the light of the campfire—Buried by the Roan is an immensely satisfying, rare pleasure.

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