Random Notes

Quiet desperation

August 26, 2008

Here’s Kennedy working with second person, a little third (what do you call this sort of narrator anyway?), the narrator’s voice, a bit of distance, a sympathetic onlooker watching Day closely.  Alfie’s voice, talking to himself is in italics.  It’s a bit cinematic; the camera shows Day in middle distance, then pulling in to extreme […]

A screaming comes across the sky…

Here’s one of Alfie Day’s voiceovers.  We’re flying in the Lanc, a customary nighttime RAF mission–the US flew daytime missions.  It’s getting dicey as Alfie and his mates approach 30 missions.  Kennedy uses italics whenever Alfie is talking or muttering to himself, a handy tool.  These passages can be short one liners or long meditations.  Here’s […]

Just like in the movies…

August 25, 2008

Day by A. L. Kennedy Not every day that you come across a novel with a second person voice, eh?   Before proceeding, note that I have used both “day” and “you” in that sentence.  This is a self-referential meta blog entry. Let’s talk about the cover.  The US hardcover edition (see below) has a nice, […]

Tough talk

August 21, 2008

First thing you hear about Richard Price is that he writes great dialogue…a great ear for dialogue.  He does. But, as James Wood wrote in The New Yorker recently, “one would have to get very drunk or ride on a magic bus to hear the kinds of anarchic metaphor, wild figuration, mashed slang, and frequent […]

The Lower East Side is haunted…

After a tough-guy screenplay of a prologue–cops in fake cabs, dumb bad guys doing dumb things–Lush Life kicks off with this: “At ten in the morning, Eric Cash, thirty-five, stepped out of his Stanton Street walk-up, lit a cigarette, and headed off to work. When he had first moved down here eight years ago, he […]